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Welcome to Frank Maddock High School


Dr. Lara Jollymore


Vice Principal - Mrs. Heather Bartling


"A Warrior Rises Above All Others"



Warriors Arise


FMHS Inquiry Question

2020-2021: How does the FMHS team support students on their personal path of self-discovery in preparation for their successful future beyond high school?


The school staff believes that...

  • each student is unique within the school community.
  • learning is continuous and individual.
  • the educational process fosters the personal worth of each individual.
  • the learning process prepares the individual to cope with a complex society.
  • students learn to be responsible individuals.
  • education is a partnership among students, parents, and teachers.

The school staff is dedicated to providing...

  • a warm, supportive, and positive climate which facilitates the development of individual potential, a positive self-image, and respect for others.
  • opportunities for the development of skills necessary for life-long learning and decision-making.
  • for the individual needs, interests, and abilities of students in the context of positive interpersonal relationships.

Parents are expected...

  • to provide a home environment which ensures the physical and mental well-being of their child.
  • to emphasize the importance of regular daily attendance and to notify the school in the case of absence.
  • to be accountable for their child's behavior and to monitor the progress of their child.
  • to reinforce the list of Student Responsibilities and to assist their child in meeting these.
  • to reinforce the list of Student Rights and to be an advocate for their child.
  • to encourage a positive student attitude toward learning and involvement in extracurricular activities.
  • to assist and advise the school in deciding on what is most beneficial for their child.
  • to contact teachers and administration regarding concerns about their child's education.
  • to participate in the development of a positive school climate.
  • to be an equal partner in education and to encourage the collaboration and empowerment of all stake holders.
  • to participate in the election of school trustees and the Parent Advisory Committee.

Supply Lists

GENERAL SUPPLIES (Required for All Classes,
including Options)
● HB pencils, erasers, sharpener
● Pens
● Highlighters (multiple colours)
● Dry erase markers (2)
● Lined paper
● (3) 4 inch binders
● Earphones or earbuds
● Chromebook or laptop (FMHS has availability)
● Face Masks (mandatory, school appropriate)
● Project Supplies (markers or pencil crayons,
scissors, glue, etc)
● Graph paper
● 30 cm ruler
● Geometry Set
● Safety Glasses (can be purchased from the school for $5)
● Calculator (see below for specifics)
● Red and blue pens
Grade 9 Math & Science - Scientific calculator
Grade 10 -12 Science Courses - Scientific
Math 10-3, 20-3, 30-3, 10-4, 20-4, 30-4 - Scientific
Math 10C, 20-1, 20-2, 30-1, 30-2, 31 - Graphing
● Change of clothes
● Clean indoor shoes
● Coveralls
● Steel-toe shoes or boots
● Safety Glasses (can be purchased from the school for $5)
● Apron
● Combs and brushes - can purchase directly
from Cos Program
● Post it notes
● Markers or pencil crayons
● Glue Stick
● Good quality paint brushes suitable for
watercolor and acrylic in the following sizes: Liner,
Size 4 Round, Size 8 Round and 3/4" Flat (set of
brushes can be purchased from the school for $12)
● Glue Stick and White Glue
● 30cm Ruler
● Sharp Scissors
● 2 1L Recycled Yogurt Containers

(Student Use, For Families to Decide)
● Hand Sanitizer
● Gloves
● Disinfectant Wipes
● Small stapler