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Welcome to Frank Maddock High School


Mrs. Shelly Cloke


Vice Principal - Mrs. Heather Bartling


"Strive to Excel"


The Frank Maddock High School community cares about each individual and is dedicated to the development of individual potential. All school policies, goals, and objectives center around the idea that each individual must continually strive to do their best.


The school staff believes that...

  • each student is unique within the school community.
  • learning is continuous and individual.
  • the educational process fosters the personal worth of each individual.
  • the learning process prepares the individual to cope with a complex society.
  • students learn to be responsible individuals.
  • education is a partnership among students, parents, and teachers.

The school staff is dedicated to providing...

  • a warm, supportive, and positive climate which facilitates the development of individual potential, a positive self-image, and respect for others.
  • opportunities for the development of skills necessary for life-long learning and decision-making.
  • for the individual needs, interests, and abilities of students in the context of positive interpersonal relationships.

Parents are expected...

  • to provide a home environment which ensures the physical and mental well-being of their child.
  • to emphasize the importance of regular daily attendance and to notify the school in the case of absence.
  • to be accountable for their child's behavior and to monitor the progress of their child.
  • to reinforce the list of Student Responsibilities and to assist their child in meeting these.
  • to reinforce the list of Student Rights and to be an advocate for their child.
  • to encourage a positive student attitude toward learning and involvement in extracurricular activities.
  • to assist and advise the school in deciding on what is most beneficial for their child.
  • to contact teachers and administration regarding concerns about their child's education.
  • to participate in the development of a positive school climate.
  • to be an equal partner in education and to encourage the collaboration and empowerment of all stake holders.
  • to participate in the election of school trustees and the Parent Advisory Committee.

Supply Lists

General Supply List

FMHS Student Supply List

HB pencils
lined paper
(3) 4 inch binder
earphones or earbuds
Chromebook or laptop (strongly recommended but not required)

highlighters (at least 2 colours)

rulers/geometry set
graphing/scientific calculators
graph paper

Change of clothes
Clean indoor shoes

Steel toe shoes or boots

Combs and brushes - can purchase directly from Ms. Daley
high lighters
post it notes