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Exciting New Hires at Frank Maddock

Great news! Back in September, our school had a higher student enrollment so we received more teaching time allocation.  This has allowed us to hire new staff for semester 2.

We are excited to welcome two wonderful ladies to our staff!  First, Morisa Jaffray, who will be teaching English, Language Arts and PE, comes to us with a wealth of high school experience and a background in Special Education and Physical Education from the University of Alberta.  Kaitlyn Erickson is also a University of Alberta graduate who has a specialization in all core subjects and recent experience at the high school level when she supported a leave of absence in Cosmetology. She will be teaching Language Arts 9, English 20-4 and Cosmetology 9.  

This extra teaching time has allowed us to split some classes that were very large and so some students may notice their teacher has changed.  The affected classes are English 30-1 (now in block 1 and block 4 both taught by Mrs. Baum), English 20-1(both in block 1-- Ms. Jaffray and Mrs. Sommerfeld), Social 20-1 (both in block 3 -- Mrs. Corra and Mr. Richholt) and Biology 20 (both in block 4 -- Mrs. Corra and Mrs. Basaraba).  The advantage to splitting the classes is that most are now around 20 students each. We are excited to have Ms. Corra in Social Studies and Biology, since these are her specializations in her Education degree.  

There have also been some teaching assignment changes--Ms. McQueen’s Social 10-1 in block 4 will be taken over by Mr. Muir, Mrs. Baum’s Language Arts 9D will be taught by Ms. Jaffray, Mrs. Baum’s Language Arts 9A will be taught by Ms. Erickson and Mr. Muir’s PE 9A & B will be taken over by Ms. Jaffray.  Our goal is to ensure there is as little disruption to students as possible with these changes and our teachers are working together to share resources so students will receive the same content and instruction.

If you have any questions, please contact or

Thank you to our school community for your support and join us in welcoming our new staff!

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