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Message regarding lockers

Hello Maddock Family!
We are pleased to announce that based on the excellent re-entry with our students, and their continuous support of hallway directions, masking, and hand sanitizing as required, we will be introducing lockers sooner than we expected.  There are a few points to note:1. Lockers will only be accessible before class begins in the morning, at lunch, and after school.  2. Lockers cannot be accessed during class transition time, so students will be required to get their two morning classes before the bell, and their two afternoon classes during lunch.3. Due to how busy our hallways are during class transition time, students cannot congregate at lockers; and also congregating impacts social distancing requirements.4. Students should be hand sanitizing before and after accessing their locker; there are various stations in classrooms and hallways.5. Teachers will not permit students to leave their class to go to their locker during class time as the slamming of lockers during class-time disrupts classes on the other side of the lockers and students miss out on learning time.  Students will need to ensure that they grab everything that they need at the correct bell times.6. Students who congregate at lockers or access their lockers during non-permitted times will lose access to their lockers.  We need to ensure the safe flow of students between classes at all times.
We will begin providing lockers to Grade 9 students lockers on Tuesday, 15 September.  Grade 10 students will start receiving lockers on Friday, 18 September 2020.  Grade 11 and 12 students will need to request lockers through the google form that they will find in their school email accounts.  We will only be providing students who wish to have them in grade 11 and 12; and they must inform us of that.  Students will keep the same locker that they receive until they graduate.

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