School Council June 21

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April 19 School Council Minutes

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School Council Meeting April 19

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School Council Meeting March 20

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School Council Meeting Feb 22, 2018

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January 25 School Council Agenda

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School Council Agenda Minutes November 23/17

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School Council Agenda Minutes October 26/17

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School Council Agenda October 26, 2017

Oct 26 Agenda


Treasurer's Report--please pick up a copy at the FMHS office to ensure that information in the document is presented in context and questions can be addressed.

General Information

Contact Information:


Chair: Katrina Dawes

Vice Chair: Carmen Thiessen

Secretary: Brandi Horn

Treasurer: Rachel Skinner



Role of the School Council

The Role?

The school council is a collective group of parents, with the principal and staff representative who work together to promote the well being and effectiveness of the school community to enhance the student learning and environment.

Who can be a member?

Every parent with a child registered at the school is a member. It's that easy!

Who can attend meetings?

Every parent with a child registered at the school has the right to attend and vote on necessary issues. The general public may attend but cannot vote.

When and where are the meetings?

School council meetings are held every fourth Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at the school. The meeting dates are posted on the website.

Why Should I be involved?

School council is essential in lending parents a voice and insight to what is happening at the school. We have discussions and raise concerns or give suggestions concerning any issues related to the operation and programs of the school. School council provides an opportunity to generate a strong community spirit within the school environment.

How can I get involved?

You can contact the president of the school council or the school and attend the meetings or volunteer within the school.