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Trudy Hiebert (Treasurer)



Role of the School Council

The Role?

The school council is a collective group of parents, with the principal and staff representative who work together to promote the well being and effectiveness of the school community to enhance the student learning and environment.

Who can be a member?

Every parent with a child registered at the school is a member. It's that easy!

Who can attend meetings?

Every parent with a child registered at the school has the right to attend and vote on necessary issues. The general public may attend but cannot vote.

When and where are the meetings?

School council meetings are held every fourth Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at the school. The meeting dates are posted on the website.

Why Should I be involved?

School council is essential in lending parents a voice and insight to what is happening at the school. We have discussions and raise concerns or give suggestions concerning any issues related to the operation and programs of the school. Parent council provides an opportunity to generate a strong community spirit within the school environment.

How can I get involved?

You can contact the president of the school council or the school and attend the meetings or volunteer within the school.

PAC Minutes

Frank Maddock School Council

Thursday November 24th, 2016

In attendance: Dana Squires, Russ Hickman, Gregg McNeil, Deanne Hutchinson, Jerry Russell, Trudy Hiebert, Carmen Thiessen, Alvohn and Wendy Snow

  1. Called to order 7: 09pm
  2. No additions or deletions to agenda
  3. Alvohn moves we approval the previous minutes, all in favour
  4. Deanne Hutchinson gave a proposal to School Council on an international trip: See Attached
  5. Treasurers Report see attached
    1. Alvohn makes a motion for 2016 Grad fund dispersal as follows:
      1. $3000 to Athletics
      2. $2500 to the Science Department
  • $2500 to Students Union
  1. The remainder goes to the Drama Department

                            All in favour.

  1. Admin Report and FMHS Education Plans see attached
  2. Staff Report covered by Gregg during Admin Report
  3. Trustee Report
    1. Next board meeting is Nov 29th
    2. Spoke about Evergreen’s structural issues.
    3. Spoke about the Ministers remarks at the ASBA conference
      1. Carbon Tax
      2. Education Act
  • Making decision on divisions Safe/Caring policies
  1. Will be visiting all the divisions soon
  2. Permanent and sustainable Dual Credit for high school
    1. Gregg would like to ask the minister questions about this
    2. Russ will see if Gregg can be in attendance when the Minister visits
      1. School council support Gregg having this opportunity
    3. Old Business. None at this time
    4. New Business
      1. Discussed proposed international trip
      2. School Council supports the trip. Trudy to write support letter.
      3. Grad will have a student lead Goggle docs survey to find out what the grade 12s want. The survey will be completed by Dec 6th. Next Parent meeting for Grad will be on Dec 8th at 6pm in the Learning Commons
    5. Adjourned at 8:55pm


Next Meeting January 26th at 7pm





Frank Maddock School Council

Thursday March 23rd, 2017

In attendance: Gregg McNeil, Russ Hickman, Jerry and Sheila Russell, Trudy Hiebert, Alvohn and Wendy Snow

  1. Called to order 7: 01pm
  2. No Staff report
  3. Jerry moves we approval the previous minutes as presented, all in favour
  4. Treasurers Report see attached
    1. Jerry makes a motion to accept the Treasurers report as presented, all in favour.
  5. Admin Report see attached
  6. Staff Report, no staff present
  7. Trustee Report
    1. The modernization of Evergreen Elementary will be to replace the crawl space under the school with slabs. The school will be closed when the current school year ends and will not open until the work is done. Estimates of 3 years’ time. During the closure local schools will be reconfigured to accommodate students in the following manner:
      1. Aurora and Eldorado will become k to grade 4
      2. H.W. Pickup will become a Middle School and have grades 5 to 8
  • Frank Maddock will become a Jr. / Sr High School with grades 9 to 12.
  1. Drayton Christian will remain K to 9
  2. The portables from Evergreen will be sent to H. W. Pickup
  3. The community is invited to a meeting April 5th at 7pm at the Evergreen Gym for further information.
  • Public consultations will occur in 3 years to re-assess
  1. The division is taking tenders to find one bussing contractor for both the north and south ends of the division.
  2. Brief discussion was had around international trips and the possibility of students and/or staff being turned away at the border due to new restrictions for travel to and through the U. S.
  1. Old Business.: None
  2. New Business
    1. Trudy will look into School Council doing Staff Appreciation
  3. Adjourned at 8:24pm


Next Meeting April 13rd at 7pm - Meeting postponed until May 4th




Frank Maddock School Council

Thursday, May 4, 2017


In attendance: Gregg McNeil, Shelly Cloke, Russ Hickman, Carmen Thiessen, Trudy Hiebert

  1. Called to order @ 7:03 p.m.
  2. No additions or deletions to the agenda
  3. Carmen motioned to accept the past minutes and treasurer’s report be accepted as presented. All in favour. Carried.
  4. Administrator’s Report
    1. Shelly Cloke will be taking over as Principal of FMHS and will continue to attend PAC meetings for this year
    2. The bell schedule for the 2017-2018 school year was presented by Shelly for feedback
    3. Shelly shared which staff members will be joining the FMHS teaching community for next year
      1. Todd Sommerfeld
      2. Tara Sommerfeld
  • Tim Richholt
  1. Tracey Kallis-Fedorus
  2. Dean Halverson
  1. Shelly briefly spoke about looking at placements for the new staff members
  2. Shelly spoke about the continuance of the CRM model – working to specialize learning for individual student needs
  3. There will be a Parent Orientation for grade 8 students coming into grade 9 at FMHS next year on May 17 @ 6 p.m. in the MAX
  4. Shelly will do classroom visits with other schools for getting students to choose classes and options for grade 9 next year based on what we are able to offer
  5. Gregg shared the fee structure for next year
    1. New fee introduced for parking to be able to supply new garbage cans for the area with the hopes of keeping the area a little cleaner – council supports this
  6. Gregg shared the possibility of shutting the WIFI down for evenings and weekends – council supports this
  7. Shelly gave a brief overview of Summer School
  8. Shelly shared some important dates coming up that are on the FMHS calendar
  9. Reminder that Mad Duck Theatre play runs from May 11 – 13
  10. Rugby Home Tournament on May 13
    1. Stetson will be running a Test Drive Fundraiser Event during the tournament
  11. Trustee Report
    1. Russ shared information about his past grads and their success stories
    2. WRSD has hired Terry Gunderson to review procedures in Wild Rose complies with the School Act
    3. Trustees attended a workshop on April 25 for supporting FNMI students
    4. Education Plan remains the same with the same 5 goals
    5. Decanting Plan meeting on April 5th for Evergreen went well and was well attended
    6. The French Immersion decision will be put on hold for another year to make sure there are the numbers to support the program
    7. WRSD will be receiving the College Community Partner Award for their work with Red Deer College
    8. Trustees have written letters to the Education Minister in regards to the 1 million cut to shared services
    9. Umbrella meeting notes will be shared with Chairpersons for Parent Advisory Councils – meeting was well attended in the North, but not in the South
    10. If there are issues with any of the decisions surrounding the Evergreen school, please contact the Trustees or District Office
    11. Russ has volunteered to help with the staff appreciation lunch to be held on May 10th. Trudy will email him with the details.
  12. Meeting adjourned @ 7:49 p.m.

Next meeting is scheduled for June 8th @ 7 p.m. in the Learning Commons

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