Tutorial Attendance for Grade 11 and 12 Students

Parents and guardians, please be advised that grade 11 and 12 students who do not register for and attend a Tutorial block each day will automatically be marked absent for that bloc starting October 17th.  It is expected that all FMHS students attend Tutorial block as it is considered an important part of class time.  

Students who leave earlier in the day to work in a RAP placement must have their new paperwork submitted to Mrs. Horn in order to be marked School Excused for Tutorial and Advisory blocks.  They also must register for Mrs. Horn's tutorial block 

If you believe your child was marked absent incorrectly, kindly email brandy.rauckman@wrsd.ca with the date and time of the absence along with the Tutorial block your child attended.  Students can ensure they are not incorrectly marked absent by signing into Powerschool and selecting their Tutorial blocks.

Thank you for your support!

High School Redesign--What is the Tutorial Block and Advisory for?

 Click the link below to see what Tutorial and Advisory means at FMHS:

FMHS High School Redesign Model