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FMHS Grad Spring Plant Fundraiser Update

Thank You

Our staff and school would like to thank our local RCMP members, parents and community for helping us work through a tough situation this weekend. By working together we were able to ensure a safe resolution

Update March 12 - RCMP Investigate threat to students and teachers at the Frank Maddock High School

RCMP Drayton Valley has conducted an investigation into the threats made to the Frank Maddock High School, on or about March 9th, 2017. As this involved Public Safety concerns, Police took this very seriously and made every effort to ensure no stone was unturned in this investigation. What can told is the following:

  • There is NO verifiable threat to the School or the occupants.
  • This incident appears to be the result of a malicious rumour spread by unknown person(s).
  • WRSD and the RCMP have worked jointly on this matter to ensure the best outcome for all involved. Principal Gregg McNeil has been heavily involved and has been a great help to this investigation.

It has been noted there has been great concern from parents on social media and I wish to convey that these concerns have been noted. In order to maintain the integrity of this investigation, little information could be released until now. We appreciate your understanding in this regard and as a result of our findings have recommended that the Frank Maddock High School can conduct operations as normal on Monday, March 13, 2017 and onward.

S/Sgt. M.F. Callihoo
Detachment Commander
Drayton Valley RCMP

March 11 Update

RCMP continue to investigate to ensure the safety of students and staff. In consultation with the RCMP and Wild Rose School Division, Frank Maddock High School will be open on Monday March 13. Further updates will be provided on the Frank Maddock High School facebook page and website

RCMP involved in possible threat to FMHS

Today the administration of Frank Maddock High School received information of alleged threats towards the staff and students of Frank Maddock High School.  These allegations have been communicated to the RCMP and they are actively investigating.

Wild Rose School Division Senior Leadership, Frank Maddock High School Administration and the RCMP are taking these allegations seriously.  The safety of all students and staff is our priority.  As such the decision to keep the school open on Monday will be based on instructions from the RCMP that it is safe to do so.

For the well being and safety of all involved any information should be forwarded directly to the Drayton Valley RCMP detachment at 780 542 4457.  

WRSD and FMHS will support the RCMP to investigate and follow any subsequent instructions or recommendations they make.   Further communication to students, parents and staff will be made via a media release on our website and Facebook page. 

Thank you for your cooperation.