Grad List Updates

In 2022-2023, the first graduation list will be created at the end of February.

We will check courses for all graduates on the following dates to update the grad list monthly:

20 March 2023

19 April 2023

23 May 2023

5 June 2023

19 June 2023 (FINAL Graduation List Created)

When students are passing all of their graduation requirements on this date, they will be placed on the "currently eligible to graduate" grad list.  If students are not passing all of their graduation requirements on the dates that we update the list, students will be placed on the "currently not eligible to graduate" grad list.  Each month, we will send out updates to graduates and families whose graduation status has changed from the previous month.

All students who are on the "currently eligible to graduate" list on 19 June 2023 will be permitted to participate in the FMHS Convocation/Graduation Ceremony.



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Community Scholarship Trust Society


The Community Scholarship is available to all students who graduate from Frank Maddock High School, DV Community Outreach School, Breton High School and Holy Trinity Academy, and are registered with an accredited post secondary institution. Scholarships consist of $1000 per student.

FMHS Course Selection Guide

In order to learn more about the courses that are offered at FMHS and planning for high school, please access the FMHS Course Selection Guide.

Course Selection Guide

Guidance Counselling

Please CLICK HERE to view Mrs. Rao's AMAZING GUIDANCE WEBSITE--everything you need to know about applying for post-secondary, scholarships and funding post-secondary!


Students and parents are encouraged to discuss educational concerns with Vice Principal/Guidance /Counselor Mrs. Bartling or Vice Principal Mr. Kniel or Principal Shelly Cloke.   The guidance office is open throughout the day and generally appointments are not needed.  Guidance publishes a wide variety of fact sheets dealing with most of the topics listed below.

Educational Counseling

  • selection of courses, program planning blueprint diploma requirements
  • post secondary entrance requirements and program details
  • student concerns regarding courses
  • study skills, progress analysis
  • financial assistance - scholarships, grants, student loans
  • distance education
  • international exchanges
  • reference materials

Career Counseling

  • self profiles, self assessment
  • occupational profiles
  • CHOICES - computer based career exploration
  • reference materials

Social/Personal Counseling

  • confidential discussion of personal concerns
  • decision making skills, conflict resolution, mediation
  • referrals to outside agencies/services
  • reference materials
  • family school liaison