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Attention Students and Parents

All students schedules are available on Powerschool. Unfortunately, the schedules are not visible on the mobile device app. You must log in on a computer.

Students coming to FMHS going into grade 9.

Please note that incoming grade 9 students can now log in to their Powerschool accounts and see their schedules. This can be done online only, not through the Powerschool app on mobile devices. Administrators will be available to meet next week if needed. Office opens on August 27th, please feel free to call and make an appointment.

All grade 9 Students are asked to come to school on September 4, 2018, for the orientation day. Pizza lunch will be provided.

Thank you

FMHS Student Supply List

The supply list is general;there may be some additional requirements, depending on the section and teacher but the attached list covers most supplies that will be needed.

Because students do make timetable changes, particularly in the first days of the semester, is may be wise to wait on purchases if any changes are anticipated.


FMHS Student Supply List

First Day of School for Grade 9

  • September 4, 2018
  • Grade 9 students only
  • Morning--students rotate through orientation sessions
  • Afternoon--students do a mini-version of their timetabled courses
  • Morning sessions include school photos, locker assignments and information sessions
  • Lunch is included

First Day of School for Grade 10, 11 and 12

September 5, 2018

Regular Scheduled classes for all grades

Day begins with Advisory for locker assignments

School photos for grade 10-12

School Fees DUE

FMHS needs your help! Student statements were mailed home for outstanding fees. These fees will assist us in closing our 2017-2018 school year, giving us a great start when we return this fall.  Thank you to our students/parents who have submitted their fees.  Call the office if you have any questions.

2018/2019 Student Timetables

Student timetables for next year were distributed in Advisory today.  These need to be signed by a parent or guadian and returned to the school by Monday, June 18th to the student's Advisory teacher.

Students wanting to request changes can complete a Course Change Request Form and submit it to their Advisory teacher by Monday, June 18th.  Please consult the Master Timetable before completing a Course Change Form. Please fill in all of the information in the Course Change Form as it helps to prioritize requests.

Some courses will have fees attached to them.  Please view the Fee Schedule to be aware of additional fees.

Requests will be processed on a priority needs basis, meaning that changes needed for a student to meet diploma or postsecondary requirements will be processed first.  Preferences will be considered if there is space in a section and the sections are reasonably balanced between semesters or courses.

Grade 9 students going into grade 10 were informed today that PE 10 classes were reconfigured to support the 5-credit PE.  There is a CALM/PE section that students can request but there are other ways for students to get CALM.  They can take it in grade 11 opposite an option, take it as a summer course or as a self-directed course.  The outcomes in CALM are more relevant to students in grade 11 and 12 so we encourage students to take it then, if possible. Taking CALM in grade 11 also allows students to start options at the 10-level in grade 10 that they may continue to the 20 and 30 level. On the other hand, students planning to do all three Sciences and Math 30-1 and Math 31 in grade 12 would benefit from taking CALM in grade 10.

As well for next year's grade 10 students, we had labeled the PE classes as "Competitive", "Recreational" and "Co-Ed" but due to confusion, we have gone back to the traditional labels of "Girls", "Boys" and "Co-Ed". 

Students and parents can make an appointment with Mrs. Bartling, Mr. Kniel or Mrs. Cloke if they have questions: 780-542-4401.

We are excited about having students back next year and are happy to work with parents and students to find the best fit with the resources we have available.


Parent Information Night PowerPoint

Powerpoint for parents of students going from grade 8 to 9 and 9 to 10 next year

Safe Arrival information letter

For more information on the new attendance reporting system.


Click Here



Course Selections for 2018/2019

On Monday April 9th, grade 9, 10, 11 and returning grade 12 students will learn how to select their courses for next year in their Advisory class. 

Students have until April 20th to make their selections in Powerschool, submit, print and hand in a copy signed by a parent or guardian to their Advisory teacher. If a selection sheet is handed in and changes need to be made, it can be done in Powerschool, reprinted, signed and handed back in up until the 20th.  After April 20th, changes to selections can no longer be made in Powerschool and will need to be made at the office.  

Students can also submit a Course Switch-Out Form along with their signed course selection sheet.  This form lists courses currently not available but could potentially be offered if there is enough student interest. Course Switch Out Form

Once all of the course selections are handed in, we being the process of designing the timetable based on student requests, teacher recommendations, resource availability and teacher availablility.

Our goal is to hand out student timetables in early June so students can request changes if needed, before the end of the school year.

Please use the following instructions to guide you through the course selection process:  Course Selection Instructions

Ensure you research your course selections to ensure they meet diploma and postsecondary requirements:  Click here

Ensure you check the Option Descriptions to ensure you are aware of what the goals are for each course

Scholarship Link

Grade 12 Students - Find and apply for Scholarships.  ScholarTree is 100% free to students, and it streamlines the scholarship process for students, create a simple profile and based on the information they provide, ScholarTree matches them to scholarships they qualify for.  

Blue & Gold Society

Next Meeting:  Sept 25, 2018 @ 5:30pm

Location:  FMHS Learning Commons

Click here to learn more about the Blue & Gold Society.

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