Report Card & Timetable pick up

Report Cards and Timetables will be ready for pick-up next week from Tuesday at noon until Friday at noon.  Please ensure all school fees are paid (or a payment plan is set up) and all textbooks are returned before or when they are picked up.  Anything not picked up will be mailed to the address we have on file.

2019/2020 School Year

Sept 3 - First Day for Grade 9s

          - Picture day for Grade 9s & Staff

          - Morning will be orientation and school tour

          - Afternoon will be a mini version of timetable.

          - Lunch provided

Sept 4 - First Day for Grade 10-12

          - Picture day for Grade 10-12

The office will be open Aug 26 & 27 for scheduling.

Course Change Requests

Prior to changes being made to your schedule for 2019/2020 we require this form to be filled out and sent to  Changes will be made based primarily on Diploma Requirements, followed by Post Secondary Requirements and then preferred courses.


Course Change Request Form

Year End Newsletter 2018/2019

Please follow the link below for our 2018/2019 Year End Newsletter.  Happy Summer Holidays.


Year End Newsletter

Master Timetable 2019/2020

Click Here to view the 2019/2020 Master Timetable

FMHS Student Supply List

The supply list is general;there may be some additional requirements, depending on the section and teacher but the attached list covers most supplies that will be needed.

Because students do make timetable changes, particularly in the first days of the semester, is may be wise to wait on purchases if any changes are anticipated.


FMHS Student Supply List

Student Timetables for Next Year

Please Note:  Student timetables have been delayed...they will likely come out during exam week. We will keep you posted on when they are ready!  Students will be able to request timetable changes after they are handed out.

Important Diploma Exam Information

Click Here to view important Diploma Exam information

Final Exam Schedule - June 2019

Click Here  To view the June 2019 Final Exam Schedule

Scholarship Link

Grade 12 Students - Find and apply for Scholarships.  ScholarTree is 100% free to students, and it streamlines the scholarship process for students, create a simple profile and based on the information they provide, ScholarTree matches them to scholarships they qualify for.  

Grade 9 Option Survey

Interesting Results!

It's that time of year again...time to request courses for next year!

All students will go to their Advisory class in Monday's Tutorial to learn how to select their course requests for next year in PowerSchool.

They will print two copies of their course requests--one for their Advisory teacher and one to take home to be signed by a parent or guardian. The deadline to have these signed course requests returned is next Tuesday, April 16th.

There are tools to help students plan their high school courses on our website, under the Registration tab.

As well, there are Information Sessions this week for students and parents--Wednesday at 6 PM in the Max is for grade 8 students coming into grade 9 next year. Thursday at 6 PM in the Max is for grade 9s coming into grade 10 and needing help to select their courses for high school and beyond.

Grade 9 students will enter the courses their teachers have recommended for them. This allows us to build the timetable based on what students need. Once the timetable is built, we will hand out individual timetables in mid-June. Students can request changes at that time.

Students in any grade, as well as parents, can set up an appointment with admin (Mrs. Bartling, Mr. Kniel or Mrs.Cloke) for support in course requests.

Please contact the school at 780-542-4401 if you have any questions. We look forward to building a timetable that helps all students get the courses they need for their diploma and future requirements!


Click this link for instructions for selecting course requests in Powerschool

Grade 9 Getting Involved Survey

Click Here to fill out a quick survey.

2019/20 Grade 9 Option Descriptions

Click Here to view descriptions of the possible Grade 9 Options for 2019/20

Term 2 Tutorial Schedule

Tutorial Schedule is mostly the same as term 1 but has some changes for term 2:

  • grade 9s are still assigned and directed in their Tutorial but it may not be in the same block as last semester--check the schedule for details; grade 9s have Advisory every Friday
  • grade 10s will be assigned their Tutorial but they decide what subject they will work on
    • you may notice that grade 10 classes may be assigned to a teacher they do not get--this does not mean this teacher is teaching them that subject.  It means that the class is assigned to that teacher and room for Tutorial but can work on any of their subjects
    • We know this may feel like a step backwards for grade 10s since they have had the choice in term 1 but the purpose for bringing back the assigned Tutorial in grade 10 is to give them better access to their subject teacher.  In term 1, grade 10, 11 and 12 students could sign up for the same Tutorial and many were finding they had less access to their teacher because of all three grades together.  With assigned grade 10s, grade 10 students have access to their teacher in Tutorial on their assigned day and grade 11/12 students have access on OPEN days
  • grade 11 students have choice of where they go and what subject they work on for Tutorial.  The Max is open to grade 11 students or they can select an OPEN session
  • grade 12 students also have choice in where they go and what subject they work on.  The Learning Commons and Upstairs Max are designated grade 12 only spaces or they can select and OPEN session
  • The gym will be open to each grade level (10-12) one day per week for Tutorial (grade 9 students have PE every second day already) but have to sign up in advance--check Powerschool to sign up
  • we used to use First, Second, Third and Fourth day of the week on the schedule in term 1 but we have shifted back to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on the schedule for term 2
  • similar to term 1, some days teachers in a subject area department will be collaborating and will not be available--see schedule and calendar for details
  • we will go over these changes with students in the assembly and Advisory classes tomorrow and Friday

Remember, Tutorial is not a spare.

It is students' opportunity to personalize their learning by focusing on the subject they need more time in.  They can do homework, assignments, prepare for upcoming learning, research, read ahead, go over tests, get writing help from a teacher, work together on projects....just to name a few.  Classroom teachers will make suggestions during classtime of what students can do in Tutorial to improve their learning.  Students need practice to master skills and Tutorial gives them the time and place to do that.

Effective use of Tutorial not only deepens learning and improves grades, but attendance in Tutorial can be used as evidence of their study skills which is used to calculate their Learning Strategy mark, a 5 credit course at each grade level (10-12) that can be used as a postsecondary or diploma requirement in grade 12.

Please contact the school or your child's Advisory teacher if you have any questions.  If you get the dreaded, "This is Frank Maddock High School calling.  A student in your household has been absent for block 6" we encourage parents to reinforce the importance attending and using Tutorial to improve learning and grades. We want to spare students the regret of not getting the grades they had wanted because of missed opportunities.

Thank you to parents and students for working with us to better student learning!

School Messenger Opt-In for Texts

Exam Bank

Looking for teacher-approved review material? ExamBank has been bringing students the best in online practice tests for over 15 years! Thousands of Canadian students sign in to practice region-specific tests every day. Discover the power of ExamBank!

Click Here For the username and password. 

Grad Information

Grade 12 students and parents,

On Tuesday, admin along with Commencement and Evening program organizers met with grade 12 students to address concerns brought forward in a petition.

The main concern brought forward was the May 24th Commencement date.  We are aware that there is a preference for grad at the end of June, however careful consideration was given to the date selection and due to the last week of June being a pivotal time needed to best serve the needs of all FMHS students, both in the current and coming year, Commencement will remain on May 24, 2019.  

Parents and students have input into the date and format of the Evening Program, and based on feedback from Evening Program Parent Meeting and follow-up Grade 12 student meetings in October, the two-day format with the Evening Program following Commencement was decided and will be on May 25, 2019.

There will be opportunity for input in the planning of the Evening Program starting in February. The next grade 12 student meeting to begin choosing an executive and brainstorming ideas for themes, colors, etc will be February 4, 2019.  Grad Photos will be that week also; instructions on how to sign up for a grad photo sitting will be sent out in January.

During the meeting with students this week, students were invited to email or make an appointment to meet if they have concerns or questions or to ensure they have accurate information.  We invite parents to do the same; my email is or you can contact 780-542-4401 to make an appointment.  

Graduation is an important event to students, parents, the school and community. While challenging to choose a format and date that will work for everyone, FMHS strives to best serve our diverse learning community.



Shelly Cloke


Frank Maddock High School

(780) 542-4401(780) 542-3407

school website:

Blue & Gold Society

Next Meeting:  March 21st, 2019 @ 6:00pm

Location:  FMHS Learning Commons

Click here to learn more about the Blue & Gold Society.

Grade 9 Getting Involved Survey

You may have to be logged into your google account to do the survey.


Survey Link



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Regular Bell Schedule 2018/19

Safe Arrival information letter

For more information on the new attendance reporting system.


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