Tutorial This Week:

The Tutorial schedule will go back to what it has been for the most part:

The same:

  • The Max and quiet room will once again be open
  • The Mezzanine and front lobby will once again be open to grade 12 students


  • more teachers will be available in classrooms since all core subject teachers are not collaborating this week

Tutorial Schedule for Oct 9-12  (changes from normal schedule are noted in red)

Please see Powerschool Flex session for availability


Exam Bank

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Advisory Week!

This week Tutorial block at the end of the day will be a little bit different for grade 10-12 students because of Advisory week:

What's different?

  • All teachers 'available' in their classrooms
    • Math, English, Social Studies and Science teachers will not be collaborating so they should be available most days in their classrooms; log in to Powerschool Flex Session to see availability and to sign up
    • CTS and Fine Arts teachers will be available in their classrooms 
  • The Max and Learning Commons will NOT be available since CTS and Fine Arts teachers are in their classrooms
  • Grade 10-12 students are required to meet with their Advisory teacher at some point in the week--please see your Advisory teacher on Monday at the beginning of Tutorial for more information

What's the same?

  • grade 10-12 students can still sign up for Tutorial with the subject area they need to see but be aware that all teachers will be having individual meetings with their Advisory students throughout the week so availability for support will vary

Why the changes?

  • This week is Advisory Week and it replaces the 20 minute Advisory we used to have every Monday for 20 minutes
  • Instead of meeting as a group for Advisory, we found individual or group meetings were the most effective way to connect with students

What happens in the individual meeting with my Advisory teacher?

  • You and your Advisory teacher will go over how you are doing; your classes, grades and attendance so be prepared to log in to Powerschool
  • A discussion of semester and future goals
  • A discussion how you use Tutorial
  • Advisory teacher may have you fill in a Learning Profile or have you assess yourself as a learning using the learning profile and use it as the basis for discussion
  • Advisory teacher may connect you to resources if needed
  • Advisory teacher will use the information gained in the interview and other sources to determine a Learning Strategies mark
  • Self-Assessment and Learning Profile link

Grade 9 Advisory Week Schedule

Monday--regular assigned Tutorial   

Tuesday--regular assigned Tutorial

Wednesday--presentation in the Max   

Thursday--presentation in the Max

Friday--Advisory (meet with Advisory teacher you had at the beginning of the year)

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Regular Bell Schedule 2018/19

FMHS Student Supply List

The supply list is general;there may be some additional requirements, depending on the section and teacher but the attached list covers most supplies that will be needed.

Because students do make timetable changes, particularly in the first days of the semester, is may be wise to wait on purchases if any changes are anticipated.


FMHS Student Supply List

Safe Arrival information letter

For more information on the new attendance reporting system.


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Scholarship Link

Grade 12 Students - Find and apply for Scholarships.  ScholarTree is 100% free to students, and it streamlines the scholarship process for students, create a simple profile and based on the information they provide, ScholarTree matches them to scholarships they qualify for.  

Blue & Gold Society

Next Meeting:  Sept 25, 2018 @ 5:30pm

Location:  FMHS Learning Commons

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