Parents will receive an autodialer call for unexcused absences.  If you have any questions about an absence in a specific class, please email the teacher by clicking on Contact on our website or by clicking on the teacher's name in PowerSchool.  

If you get repeated autodialer calls, please contact the school to find out why.  Sometimes a class was not changed due to missing paperwork and calling us can help us fix that.  Other times a student is not clear on their attendance expectations and contacting us helps us ensure everyone has the correct information.

If you get an autodialer call that your child was absent from Flex but he or she was present:

1.  Grade 11 and 12 students must register themselves for Flex by going into Powerschool on their web browser

2.  Flex is an add-on to Powerschool and will not work in the Powerschool App--only on the website itself  

3.  The link to Powerschool is on our home page

4.  Grade 11 students who are not registered for a Flex session are automatically marked absent, so students need to ensure they are signed up  and attend the full block to avoid being marked absent.

5.  Students can access their grades on Powerschool to determine where they should go for Flex.  Clicking on the grade will show if a student is missing any assignments.

6.  Flex is considered class time and students must be attending Flex in order to get the full benefit of learning time and teacher support.  

7.  If a student is having difficulty accessing their Powerschool student portal, please come to the office and we will help.  Students can also get help from their Advisory teacher during Monday Advisory classes.

8.  Parents can view their child's grades and attendance by creating an account--please email or contact the office for the access codes.

9.  Flex block is a valuable part of student learning and success--we appreciate parent support in helping us to help students!

Attendance Process and Expectations

  • Attendance is taken each block
  • Students are responsible for attending all classes and communicating their whereabouts with the teacher at all times. Students cannot skip a class to do homework from another class; students should use Flex block for this purpose
  • Attendance appears in PowerSchool.  Parents can create a PowerSchool account and view attendance at any time--see the Parents tab on this website for more information about setting up an account
  • Students need to register for Flex blocks on a daily basis.  If they are absent from where they signed up or did not sign up, they will be marked absent and an automated phone call will go home.  Grade 10 students are automatically signed up but in term 2 will start learning how to sign themselves up
  • An automated phone call will go home at approximately 5:00 PM each day to inform parents which blocks a student was absent in
  • If a parent calls in to excuse an absence, the attendance is marked "P" for Parent Excused and an automated phone call does not get sent home
  • If a parent has questions about a student's attendance, they can contact the school or email the teacher directly to verify details of the absence
  • Students are NOT marked absent if they are late;  instead, they are marked late the number of minutes late is recorded
  • Parents can call the school and request an Attendance Profile any time
  • Teachers or Admin will phone home if repeated absences are impacting student progress