Powerschool Parent Portal

Using Powerschool to view student information

Parents and guardians can view Powerschool by getting their child to log in and show them the information or by setting up an account.  Please contact the office, 780-542-4401 for instructions.













Powerschool shows:

  • On the home page
    • the last two weeks of attendance
    • the student's courses and teachers--click on the teacher's name to see the email address
    • student's current grade--click on the grade to see a list of assignments/tests and individual grades
    • student's grade
    • a summary of absences and lates--click on the number to see a list of dates
  • On the side menu
    • Grades History
    • Attendance History
    • Teacher Comments (at report card time)
    • School Bulletin--updated information that is read in morning announcements
    • Class Registration--used in April when requesting courses for next year
    • My Schedule
    • School Information
    • Flex Session-where grade 10-12 students sign up for Tutorial blocks
    • Flex Calendar--shows which Tutorial blocks have been signed up for