Guidance Counselling

Guidance Counselling

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Students and parents are encouraged to discuss educational concerns with Vice Principal/Guidance /Counselor Mrs. Bartling or Vice Principal Mr. Kniel or Principal Shelly Cloke.   The guidance office is open throughout the day and generally appointments are not needed.  Guidance publishes a wide variety of fact sheets dealing with most of the topics listed below.

Educational Counseling

  • selection of courses, program planning blueprint diploma requirements
  • post secondary entrance requirements and program details
  • student concerns regarding courses
  • study skills, progress analysis
  • financial assistance - scholarships, grants, student loans
  • distance education
  • international exchanges
  • reference materials

Career Counseling

  • self profiles, self assessment
  • occupational profiles
  • CHOICES - computer based career exploration
  • reference materials

Social/Personal Counseling

  • confidential discussion of personal concerns
  • decision making skills, conflict resolution, mediation
  • referrals to outside agencies/services
  • reference materials
  • family school liaison