Fair Notice

Fair Notice Letter - Threat Assessment at FMHS

August 30, 2018

Dear Parents:
RE: Fair Notice

The safety of our children is a top priority for us all. We, as a school system, have
been involved in significant safety training with our community partners - the
police, Mental Health and Child and Family Services Authority. Together we have
developed a plan for responding to all situations in which students may be posing a
threat to themselves or others.

This letter is to inform you that we, as a school system, adopted policy in
December 2009 that mandates schools to have a “zero tolerance” stance
for not investigating all threats and threatening behaviours (Admin Procedure
350). This policy requires principals to complete a “threat assessment” in all cases
of students displaying any type of high-risk behaviour. The purpose of the
investigation/assessment is to determine how best to support high-risk students
so that their behaviour does not become hurtful or destructive. Please be assured
that if your principal is aware of threatening behaviour, he/she will be taking
measures to deal with the situation in a positive and proactive manner. If your
principal invites you to a meeting to discuss safety concerns about your own
child, please be assured that protocol is being followed and that the goal is safety,
not punishment.

This letter is intended to serve our community with fair notice that we, as a
school community, will not accept “no response” to a threat making behaviour. Our
goal is to respond to all threats in a professional manner that provides for a healthy
and caring learning environment.
We are pleased to provide, in conjunction with our community partners, a safe
environment for all students.


Brad Volkman
Superintendent of Schools