Find a School on the Internet

Many schools have a presence on the World Wide Web.  If you know that a certain school offers the program you want to take, you can usually find out more about it on the school's website.  You can also find out more about the school itself, such as it's size, location, amenities, facilities, campus maps, admissions procedures and tuitions, and student organizations.

Canadian Forces Home Page

This site provides easy access to all of Canada's military web pages, including listings for all Canadian Military Schools.

Places to Learn

Provides a listing of most of the post-secondary institutions in Alberta, divided alphabetically, by type of institution, or by location.  A short description of each institution is provided, along with a link to their home page if there is one.

Connect to Canada's Universities

Looking for a particular university in Canada?  This link will provide you with a list of universities arranged by geographical location or alphabetically.  As well as direct links to the universities' home pages, they also provide a brief description of the university.

ACCC Member Institution

Looking for a particular community college?  This link will take you to Canadian community colleges by geographical location.

Alberta Learning Website

This part of the Alberta Education website focuses on the Alberta education system.  You can get links to secondary schools throughout the province that have their own web sites.

Higher Education in Canada

University and College websitesarranged by province.

Apprenticeship and Industry Training Home Page

If you are looking for information on apprenticeship opportunities in Alberta, this is an excellent place to start.  Find information on what apprenticeship is, what trades you can enter as an apprentice, and how you can take the plunge.  There are also links to general information about apprenticeship in other Canadian provinces and other countries around the world.  If you decide this is the option for you, they even provide the option of downloading an application.

Web U.S. Higher Education

An extensive list of American community colleges and universities arranged alphabetically and by state.

School Finder

This Canadian service allows you to quickly find post-secondary schools offering a specific program.  Type in keywords for the program you are interested in, then choose a school type and a province.