School Fees

2021-2022 FMHS School Fees

To view all of the school fees for 2021-2022, please access this document:

2021-2022 FMHS School Fees (v. 2 Sept 2021)(Updated 2 September 2021) 

2021-2022 FMHS School Fees(August 2021)  

Please note that not all comparison fees are from 2020-2021.  Due to there being no extra-curricular in 2020-2021, comparison fees for extra-curricular are from 2019-2020.

Please note that these fees are subject to change throughout the school year.  We will update this document as required.

Parents can now pay with: School Cash ONLINE

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School Cash Online 

To make paying school fees easier, Wild Rose School Division is now accepting online payments. School Cash Online allows parents and community members to pay school-related fees online safely, quickly and easily. With School Cash Online, you can purchase items like sports team fees, lunches and field trips.

How it Works?

School Cash Online puts all of the school fees available for your student(s) online to purchase. You can have students in different schools and choose to pay fees online through credit card, eCheck and myWallet.

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Fees--where does the money go?

Curricular (complementary) course fees:

  • consumable materials such as wood for Construction, food for Foods class and metal for Fabrication class

Student's Union

  • Activities that promote a sense of belonging and well-being in the school
  • Examples include Birthday Wall and recognition, Theme Days such as Pyjama Day, Student Activities such as Pi Day and prizes
  • Students wishing to have input on activies can join Student's Union

Field Trips

  • bussing
  • entrance or activity fees (such as ski passes or theatre tickets)
  • partial substitute teacher cost

2019/2020 Student Fees

2019/20 Student Fee Schedule

FMHS does not charge school fees for textbooks, lockers and core course instructional supplies as per Bill 1.  As such, there is no longer a WRSD fee of $100 and a School Activity Fee of $50 as there was in 2016/17.

The school does charge fees for curricular (complementary) courses, field trips, extracurricular activities, student union and parking.  The fees are important to providing materials and opportunites that the school could not otherwise offer.  These fees can be viewed on the student fee schedule.

School Fees will be attached for the year in September.  If a student changes a term 2 course we will do a fee correction and refund if needed.

Term 1 fees and current season extrcurricular are due October 15, 2019

Term 2 fees, extracurricular, commencement and yearbook fees are due Feb 28, 2020

$100 Self-directed learning (SDL) course fee due by payment or post-dated cheque before course material handed out

Fees can be paid online or at the office by cash, cheque or debit

Families experiencing financial difficulties can submit an application to waive fees by filling out a Fee Waiver form and submit it to the office.  Parents can also meet with or call Mrs. Cloke to set up a payment plan

Please call us if you have any questions as we would like to work with families to manage payments that support student programming