School Fees

Parents can now pay with: School Cash ONLINE

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School Cash Online 

To make paying school fees easier, Wild Rose School Division is now accepting online payments. School Cash Online allows parents and community members to pay school-related fees online safely, quickly and easily. With School Cash Online, you can purchase items like sports team fees, lunches and field trips.

How it Works?

School Cash Online puts all of the school fees available for your student(s) online to purchase. You can have students in different schools and choose to pay fees online through credit card, eCheck and myWallet.

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Fees--where does the money go?

Curricular (complementary) course fees:

  • consumable materials such as wood for Construction, food for Foods class and metal for Fabrication class

Student's Union

  • Activities that promote a sense of belonging and well-being in the school
  • Examples include Birthday Wall and recognition, Theme Days such as Pyjama Day, Student Activities such as Pi Day and prizes
  • Students wishing to have input on activies can join Student's Union

Field Trips

  • bussing
  • entrance or activity fees (such as ski passes or theatre tickets)
  • partial substitute teacher cost