Extracurricular Opportunities

This school has an excellent extra-curricular program. These activities allow students to expand their skills and interests, venturing into unusual areas and talents.  The following list of extra-curricular activities is extensive, but not exhaustive. Should you wish to promote an activity not listed please advise the principal and we will consider the idea together.


Activities: Basketball, Football, Track and Field, Volleyball, Badminton, Golf, Curling, Cross Country Running, Drama Club, Students’ Union, Graduation, Yearbook, Travel Club, GSA

Other clubs available depending on student interest


The staff member representative that advises these groups do so on their time and as volunteers.  Students are expected to treat all coaches and volunteers with the respect and consideration due those who are sacrificing time on behalf of their students. The following policy guides participation in any school extracurricular activity:

  • It is considered a privilege to represent Frank Maddock High School as a member of a team or club.  Therefore, students must maintain behavior which will respect the school, others, and themselves when participating in extracurricular activities.  
  • As well, in accordance with our stated mission and values, students failing more than one course (below 50%) will not be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities until improvement has been made or at least other satisfactory arrangements have been made with the teacher(s) and coach(es) concerned. 
  • A student's attendance record may also be taken into account. 
  • The student’s fees must be paid in full to be eligible to participate.  
  • The Principal, in consultation with classroom teachers, will determine eligibility of any student or situation in question.