General Information - School Council and Blue and Gold Society

General Information - School Council and Blue and Gold Society

In accordance with the School Act, Frank Maddock High School is served by a School Council consisting of parents, a community representative and school personnel.  All parents and guardians are encouraged to become involved.  The role of the School Council is to participate in school improvement.

The School Council follows the Elected Representative model, which means that parents nominate and elect an executive, consisting of a chair, vice-chair, secretary, and parent representative.  Included in the executive is the principal, vice principal, a teacher selected by the school staff, and a community member selected by the school council.  All parents and guardians are automatically members of School Council when students are enrolled at our school.  All parents and guardians are encouraged to attend School Council meetings.  Elections for the School Council Executive are held annually.  Meeting dates vary - we advertise our meetings on our school facebook page.  The best way to get email updates about school council meetings is to get on the school council mailing list.  Reach out the office for more information.

The purpose of the council is to offer advice regarding school programming, budgets and school operations.  The council serves as a communication link between the school and the community.  The school board offers guidelines to roles and responsibilities of the school council.

The Blue and Gold Society and Frank Maddock High School Council meets once a month to discuss matters of importance between home and school.   The Blue and Gold Society is the parent/community fundraising arm of FMHS.


Role of the School Council

The school council is a collective group of parents, with the principal and staff representative who work together to promote the well being and effectiveness of the school community to enhance the student learning and environment.

Who can be a member?

Every parent with a child registered at the school is a member. It's that easy!

Who can attend meetings?

Every parent with a child registered at the school has the right to attend and vote on necessary issues. The general public may attend but cannot vote.

When and where are the meetings?

School council meetings are scheduled monthly by the school council and are held at the school. The meeting dates are usually advertised on our facebook; if parents/guardians provide their email to the school council, they will receive all emails about scheduled meetings, events, and other ways to volunteer..

Why Should I be involved?

School council is essential in lending parents a voice and insight to what is happening at the school. We have discussions and raise concerns or give suggestions concerning any issues related to the operation and programs of the school. School council provides an opportunity to generate a strong community spirit within the school environment.

How can I get involved?

You can contact the president of the school council or the school and attend the meetings or volunteer within the school.



School Council Contact Information

2020-2021 School Council Contacts:

Chair: Katrina Dawes

Vice Chair: Sandy Babuik

Secretary: Brandi Horn

Additional Council Members: Colin Bough, Jodi Bough



Blue and Gold Society Contact Information

2020-2021 Blue and Gold Society Contacts:

Chair/Secretary: Mae Chow

Treasurer: Katrina Dawes

Additional Committee Members: Colin Bough, Jodi Bough, Lesley Gigg


For more information about what is happening with the Frank Maddock High School Blue and Gold Society, check out their facebook page!