The Max Cafeteria

The Max Society runs the FMHS lunch program/cafeteria.  Each day, there are affordable, healthy food options for students available for breakfast and lunch.

The daily lunch special is $6.  

A wide variety is available on a daily basis including grill-top items, salads, drinks, ice cream, desserts and more!

Purchase a Punch Pass on School Cash

To make options convenient and easier for parents/guardians, they can purchase a $20 punch pass for their student on the FMHS School Cash Online portal.  Please note that it takes one-two business days for the punch pass information to be relayed through the school cash system to the Max Cafeteria.

To access school cash click here!

The Max Society

Student purchases at the Max Cafeteria as well as other Max Society Events supports FMHS!  Each year, the Max Society provides an affordable lunch program for students as well as monetary and equipment donations to FMHS.

Support to our Fine Arts and Drama Program, Athletics Department, and academic and extracurricular projects have been provided through the purchasing of supplies and donations.  We greatly appreciate the work that the Max Society does to support the FMHS Warriors!

To see more about the Max Society in Drayton Valley, check out their website here!