Option Course Descriptions

Option Descriptions: 2017 Proposed Options * Options and descriptions are currently being updated  


Also note in the Course Descriptions, Communication Technology is also referred to as "Light and Sound"


NAIT Dual Credit Courses

Course NAIT Credits/Certificates Pre-Requisite

Number of high school semesters

Number of High School Credits
Power Engineering Theory portion of Part A/B 4th Class Power Engineering none 2-6 10-30
Oil and Gas Production Operator Courses towards Oil and Gas Production Operator Certificate none 2-4 10-20
Water/Wastewater Technician 3 NAIT Certificates none 2-4 10-20
Anatomy/Physiology & Medical Terminology Pre-Requisite for NAIT Health Sciences programs English 30 (pre or co-requisite) 2 10

Foundations for Personal Trainers

*note can only start in September

3-credit course toward NAIT Personal Trainer Diploma

Biology 20

English 20

1 5

Nutriction for Exercise and Performance

*note can only start in September

3-credit course toward NAIT Personal Trainer Diploma

Biology 20

English 20

CTS Foods 1010

1 5
Introduction to Marketing 3-credit introductory business course English 30 (pre or co-requisite) 1 4
Communications 1 3-credit introductory business course English 30 (pre or co-requisite) 1 5
Introduction to Finance 3-credit introductory business course Math 30 (pre or co-requisite) 1 5
Principles of Management 3-credit introductory business course English 30 (pre or co-requisite) 1 5

Dual Credit Courses: Lakeland College Courses



Play is a 1st year course in the Early Learning and Child Care program and an additional course in the Child and Youth Care program. Students will explore the significance of play in the development of child. Students will complete the following high school credits: CCS3110, 3120, 3130, 3140, 3150, & COM1255.

Exploring Exceptionalities

This course will introduce students to children with exceptionalities by examining categories and characteristics of diversity. Issues pertinent to children and youth with exceptionalities and their families will be explored. Students will complete the following high school credits: CCS3060, CCS3070, CCS3910, & COM1255..

Introduction to Esthetics

This course will provide students with an overview of safe practices in the workplace regarding bacteriology and sanitation. Students will learn to formulate a professional image and practice skills needed to work with the public. Students will complete the following high school CTS credits: COS1010, COS 2210, COS 3010 & COM1255.

Environmental Sustainability

Students who are interested in a career in environmental sciences will benefit from Environmental Sustainability. A requirement in 4 of Lakeland College’s Environmental Sciences majors, this course focuses on human interactions with the environment. Students will complete the following high school credits: ENS1040, 1110, 2050, 2130 & COM1255.

Introduction to Heavy Oil & Gas

This course will explain what heavy oil is and identify ways heavy oil is produced. Students will also explore the steps involved in getting heavy oil and natural gas out of the ground and into the marketplace. Students will complete the following high school CTS credits: PRS1020, PRS2020 & PRS2030.

Introduction to Soil Science

This course will provide students with an overview of soil formation processes and fundamental characteristics of soil. Knowledge will be gained through lectures and hands on experience. Students will complete the following high school CTS credits: AGR1010, AGR2120, AGR3120 & COM1255.

Health Care Aide: Section 1

Students interested in completing the Health Care Aide program can begin the path by enrolling in Working Safely and Effectively as a Health Care Aide and Communication in the Health-Care Environments. Students will complete the following high school CTS credits: HCA3400, HCA3410, HCA3415 & COM1255.

Health Care Aide: Section 2

Students who successfully completed HCA Section 1 can continue their Health Care Aide program path with Introduction to Activities of Daily Living and Structure & Function of the Human Body-Health & Chronic Illness. Students will complete the following high school CTS credits: HCA3420, HCA3425, HCA3430, HCA3435, HCA3440, & HCA3445



Updated Dual Credit Offerings

Start your post-secondary courses early!


Students can receive high school and post-secondary credits at the same time!  Click link to see courses available (like Early Child Care, Oil and Gas Production Operator, Fitness Trainer Business and Medical Terminology), pre-requisites and time requirements.


Updated Dual Credit Offerings

Flex Learning Courses *note: courses listed are currently available--course offerings may differ next year

Flex Learning courses (not to be confused with the Flex Block at the end of the day) are self-paced courses that students do on-line.  Typically students will be assigned an SDL block (Self-Directed Learning) in A1 to complete the course.  Most Flex option courses are 1 credit.  They are designed to give students an alternative way to learn and take courses.



WLD 1010 Intro to Wildlife

Google Classroom Code: c7wytjt

WLD 1020 Wildlife Diversity  Google Classroom Code:euzlz4

WLD 1070 Hunting and Game Management Theory

Google Classroom Code: kw49rj

WLD 1130 Outdoor Survival Skills

Google Classroom Code: ru4c693

Computer Science


Learn about coding, web design, computer science and games.

CSE 1010 (Computer Science 1) Google Classroom Code: bd26p1

CSE 1110 (Structured Programming 1)

CSE 1210 (Web Design Coding)

CSE 1120 Structured Prgming 2 (Prereq: CSE 1110)

CSE 1910 (App/Game Project when 2 CSE courses are complete)

INF 3010

Hardware & Software Analysis

Google Classroom Code: zuhrcg

Learn about different types of computers, components and complete an online shopping challenge!

  No Prerequisite

MEC 3010

Buying and Selling a Car

Google Classroom Code: 3whry1

Learn the ins and outs of buying and selling a car!

No Prerequisite



9 different 1 CEU courses are available in fashion studies and textiles. Choose knitting, crocheting and more to explore hands on design. No Prerequisite

NET 2020

Networking & Workstations

Google Classroom Code: 67l0sbs

Explore setting up workstations and installing operating systems using a Raspberry Pi Computer

No Prerequisite

INF 1030

Word Processing 1

Google Classroom Code: 5v7hqq

No Prerequisite

INF 2050

Word Processing 2

Google Classroom Code: sod57ph

Prerequisite: INF 1030


COS 1010- Personal and Professional Practices


No Prerequisite

COS 1020 - Long Hair Design


Prereq:  COS1010

Google Apps for Education

Google Classroom Code: e61jpm

Bundle together INF 1030, 1060, 1070, 1910, 2050 and COM 1255 to complete a 6 credit course about cloud and google tools. Students receive a chromebook after completion.

No Prerequisite

INF 1070

Digital Presentations

Google Classroom Code: kju03zl

A one credit courses in presentation creation using Google Slides and YouTube.

No Prerequisite

INF 1060

Spreadsheets 1

Google Classroom Code: 1rou1cl

A one credit courses in basic spreadsheets using Google Sheets.

No Prerequisite

Community Volunteerism

CCS 1080 Community Volunteerism I:

Google Classroom Code: cm628c

CCS 2080 Community Volunteerism II:  

Google Classroom Code: nrl1vyg

                           No Prerequisite

Work Place Safety

HCS 3000 Workplace Safety Systems

(Pre-Req for Work Experience)

Google Classroom Code: g59wux9

HCS 3010 Workplace Safety Practices

Google Classroom Code: o7pvzw

Health Services

HSS 1010 Health Services Foundations

Google Classroom Code: 1uc882

INF 2020


Google Classroom Code: zdk7oi

Learn and practice touch typing skills to gain proficiency to over 30 words per minute

              No Prerequisite


AGR 1080 Floral Design Mechanics


A one credit course in floral design and arrangement

AGR 1085 Floral Design Mechanics II

                           Google Classroom Code: 9621mv

                               No Prerequisite


TOU 1010: The Tourism Sector

Google Classroom Code: olbzfm

TOU 2060: Travel Destinations 1 Google Classroom Code: ycr4sd

TOU 2070: Travel Destinations 2

Google Classroom Code: lr1ce5




Career and Life Management


Explore the three sections of personal, financial and careers to prepare for life beyond school. This course uses a Google+ Community to link students and learn about proper social media posting, students learn budgeting and how the stock market works, and build a resume and eportfolio. Available as:

CALM Independent (5 Credit: More projects - Uses Google+ - More flexibility)

CALM Structured (4 Credit: Only uses google docs and can be printed)

No Prerequisite

English 30-1


  An intensive -1 level English course to challenge your reading and writing skills. Students explore various themes and literary forms, maturely engaging and analyzing tests in order to further develop into critical and insightful individuals. Students can follow a preset course path or propose and independent course plan. 5 Credits

Prerequisite: 65% or greater in English 20-1

Math 10 Common and Math 20-2

Pre-calculus and Foundations of Mathematics

STUDENT Schoology Classroom Code: RMQVR-HTFSS

Math 10 Common is a 5-credit course that will prepare you with foundational knowledge and skills for either the Pre-calculus (20-1) or Foundations (20-2) math courses. 5 Credits  

  Math 10C Prerequisite:  50% or greater in Math 9

Math 20-2 also available (Pre-req 50% in Math 10C)

STUDENT Schoology Classroom Code: FM5CF-37J9T

Math 10-3


A real world math course in the -3 stream of mathematics. The -3 stream provides students with mathematical understanding used for entry into trades and direct entry into the workforce. Students explore finance, measurement, spatial reasoning and puzzles, lines and angles, and trigonometry. 5 Credits

No Prerequisite

Science 14/24

14 Google Classroom Code: nup92i

24 Google Classroom Code: dq37x9k

Students graduating from Alberta schools require the scientific and related technological knowledge and skills that will enable them to understand and interpret their world and become productive members of society.

PE 10

Google Classroom Code: zxg3fu8

Students explore a variety of fitness opportunities that encourage balance and a healthy lifestyle. Students work on projects to look at the big picture surrounding wellness and enhance mindsets that will bring balance to their life.

3 or 5 Credit Options

No Prerequisite

SDL / Work Experience / RAP

Student Directed Learning (SDL) Procedures


Student Directed Learning (SDL) is a time allotted for students to work independently on course they need to graduate or do not have the allotted time in their schedule for.  


  • students must meet with administration to go over requests to take SDL courses
  • parents must sign course change papers
  • all deposits and fees must be paid prior to registration
  • attendance is mandatory (this is not a spare)
  • Course outlines need to be met in order to successfully complete the course within the time frame.
  • ALL exams are supervised
  • NO use of electronics during exams
  • SDL Courses can be Flex, Dual Credit or ADLC (Alberta Distance Learning) Courses


Work Experience

Work Experience is designed for students to receive work based skills while still attending high school.  Students can earn credits toward their high school diploma.  This course is not designed for students to be working during school hours.


  • students need to have HCS 3000 prior to starting work
  • Contracts must be signed by:    
    • Employer
    • Parent/Guardian
    • Student
    • School Coordinator
  • Learning Plans need to be given to employer by the student prior to collecting hours
  • Monthly timesheets are the responsibility of the student to hand in every month
  • Monthly timesheets need to be signed by student and employer
  • Credits are awarded for every 25hrs=1 credit
  • Credits are submitted to Alberta Education for 3 credits or more at a time
  • Credits start at 35->25->15
  • This ensures when graduating you have received your 30 level credits for Work Experience
  • Work Experience hours can be  for paid or unpaid work

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

RAP is designed for high school students wanting to start on a trade while still in school.  Students can receive their hours for their trade while under the supervision of a school coordinator.  This gives students the insight into the trade they are interested in.

  • students need to have completed HCS 3000 & HCS 3010 prior to starting work
  • Contracts must be signed by:    
    • Employer
    • Parent/Guardian
    •  Student
    • School Coordinator
  • Monthly timesheets are the responsibility of the student to hand in every month
  • Monthly timesheets need to be signed by student and employer
  • Credits are awarded for every 250hrs=5 credit
  • RAP credits are awarded every 5 credits
  • Learning Plans need to be completed and signed by Employer and Employee in order to be submitted
  • students need to sign up with My Tradesecrets in order to receive their blue book