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What is the Blue & Gold Society?


Let us introduce you to the Frank Maddock High School Blue and Gold Society!

Parents and community members recently incorporated a not for profit society in keeping with our proud FMHS motto “Strive to Excel”! 

It’s called the FMHS Blue and Gold Society and we aim to focus efforts in support of extracurricular and curricular school activities; reduce duplication and improve the accountability and transparency of fundraising efforts throughout FMHS.  At the same time, we are helping to create great community members by encouraging community involvement, volunteerism and ‘giving back’. 

As a larger group working together with School Administration, the needs of more students can be prioritized, and larger pools of funds can be accessed via grants and casinos.

We are the central organization of community members working in conjunction with FMHS Administration and School Council.  All FMHS school groups will be required to enroll with us, provide their budgets, report their fundraising goals and needs for the short and long term, and the Blue & Gold will supplement fundraising to the various FMHS groups; all the while encouraging and tracking student volunteerism with other local non-profit groups who require the manpower in our Blue & Gold Gives Back Initiative.

If you would like to volunteer your time, become a member, see a copy of our Society Bylaws or are looking for general information, please email Mae at

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